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Pack Testing

Products need to be easy to find on the shelf or easy to spot on the page in an online store. New products need to be distinctive, yet conform to the market category. A product undergoing re-packaging might become very difficult to find or it may be perceived differently (even if the content has not changed). Our technology assesses attention that is driven top-down (i.e., during a search for a product, like when a shopper is using a list to find an item) and attention that is pulled in a bottom-up manner (i.e., when it grabs our attention in the absence of searching for it, for example when a product you never bought before catches your eye on the shelf).

Implicit testing can be used to compare several pack designs to determine which one is going to be more successful and why. Attention tests can be used to measure how much a pack can grab attention and how easy it is to find on the shelf.

Implicit Packaging Analysis

This is an online test that can be used as a better alternative to online eye-tracking technology as it uses reaction time rather than a webcam, so it is less invasive for respondents and more accurate.


Use our technology, founded in consumer neuroscience, to understand the effectiveness of packaging
New pack designs
Empirical and sensory experience
Digital Adverts
TV adverts
Radio adverts
Print adverts
Comparing packaging with that of competitor products
Front of pack compared with back of pack designs
Other marketing materials (e.g., out of home)
3 second demo loop for ecommerce sites
Other marketing materials

Heat Map of a Package

Split-Second has developed a unique methodology to map the points of attentional attraction on a pack. This is an online test that can be used as an alternative to online eye-tracking technology. Unlike eye tracking, this method does not need a webcam, so it is less invasive for respondents.

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Solutions for every industry

By conducting a SWOT Analysis based on implicit (objective/emotional) and explicit (subjective/rational) research data, brand managers can create strategies that will differentiate its brand from the competitors, finding its natural place in the market.

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Brand Positioning

To understand a brand’s position with a market, Split Second Research has developed a NEURAL NETWORK and PATH ANALYSIS platform. This can be used to help you identify the emotional pathways that lead to purchase. First, the analysis identifies a model of the product category, identifying key drivers and motivators. Next, it finds the causal relations between attributes (e.g., which attributes combine to trigger trust, which attributes cause a perception of premium, etc).Using these techniques, the platform maps the ‘causal pathways’ showing how specific attributes and features can build positive emotions, such as trust, and how specific attributes can lead to purchase and advocacy.

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Client: Coca-Cola

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