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New Product Development

As many new products fail, researching how consumers will perceive it is vital before any investment is made. A brand may be considering a project extension or perhaps a completely new range of products. Implicit tests can be used to determine how well the new products will perform against a current range and against competitor brands.

We have a range of tests available to evaluate all aspects, from the product’s name, to consumer experiences with the new product, to packaging design, and how well the new product would fit with an existing range and its effect on them.

Implicit SWOT Analysis

Neuro-Inspired Design

Colours, shapes, symbols, fonts, images, logos, and so on can all have hidden meanings and subconscious associations that can strongly influence how the consumer feels towards the branding of your new product.

Take advantage of these powerful subconscious leanings by testing your designs early on in their development. Create a number of design routes and test them out on consumers using our implicit technology. Create designs that leverage the right subconscious meanings and avoid accidentally triggering negative or unwanted associations.

Early prototype testing can be carried out within 24 hours and can point your design in an incredibly strong direction.


Use our technology, founded in consumer neuroscience, to understand the effectiveness of the new product extensions
Comparing new products with nearest competitors
Benefits of new product features
Risks of removing product features
TV adverts
Radio adverts
Print adverts
Risks of removing product features
Understanding how consumers perceive the existing product vertical
Neuro-inspired design
Other marketing materials (e.g., out of home)
3 second demo loop for ecommerce sites
Other marketing materials

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Implicit testing can identify which attributes, features, and occasions consumers associate with a brand and the same for its competitors. This can also be used to carry out a SWOT analysis, revealing the brand’s strengths, its weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats to the brand from the competition.

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Solutions for every industry

By conducting a SWOT Analysis based on implicit (objective/emotional) and explicit (subjective/rational) research data, brand managers can create strategies that will differentiate its brand from the competitors, finding its natural place in the market.

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Brand Positioning

To understand a brand’s position with a market, Split Second Research has developed a NEURAL NETWORK and PATH ANALYSIS platform. This can be used to help you identify the emotional pathways that lead to purchase. First, the analysis identifies a model of the product category, identifying key drivers and motivators. Next, it finds the causal relations between attributes (e.g., which attributes combine to trigger trust, which attributes cause a perception of premium, etc).Using these techniques, the platform maps the ‘causal pathways’ showing how specific attributes and features can build positive emotions, such as trust, and how specific attributes can lead to purchase and advocacy.

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Client: Coca-Cola

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